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Magnets and Magnetic Systems



When an iron air is introduced into a magnetic field it becomes magnetized, however, when the field is removed only a very small residual magnetic field due to the iron is left. Hence iron is not a permanent magnetic material. A permanent magnet is when a material remain strongly magnetic after being excited by a magnetic field (magnetizing). A permanent magnetic material must also resist demagnetisation.In other worlds: under normal circumstances it should not loose its magnetism. Permanent magnets are suitable for use in an impressive range products: magnetic separators, meter,  thermostats, toys, motors, household and medical equipment, speakers, etc. Permanet magnets are available in various shapes, such as rings, blocks, etc.


  • ŸPressed from approx 80% iron oxide and 20% barium oxide or strontium oxide.
  • ŸGround using diamond wheels.
  • ŸEasily extractable raw material, therefore economic.
  • ŸOperating temperature range: 40 degree up to +200 degree.
  • ŸInert to most environmental substances.
  • ŸSusceptible to impact or bending loads; comparable to ceramic or porcelain.
  • ŸIsotropic ferrite material can be magnetized in several directions.
  • ŸIsotropic ferrite material can bee supplied to EN 71.
  • ŸAlso available on plastic bonded version.


  • ŸPressed from the rare earth materials Neodymium-Iron-Boron.
  • ŸGround with diamond wheels while being well cooled with water.
  • ŸHighest energy materials.
  • ŸOperating temperature range: standard up to+80 degree, specials up to +180 degree.
  • ŸNeoflux magnets are usually provided with a coating to protect against oxidizing.
  • ŸStandard is zinc or nickel coating. Epoxy, tin, aluminum, nickel-copper -nickel coating or double coating are possible on request.
  • ŸAvailable in very many shapes and sizes.
  • ŸAlso available in plastic bonded version.


  • ŸPressed from the rare earth materials SmCo.
  • ŸGround with diamond wheels.
  • ŸHigh energy material.
  • ŸOperating temperature range standard up to +250 degree.
  • ŸInert to mist environmental substances.
  • ŸVery high resistances to demagnetizing.
  • ŸAlso available in plastic bonded version.


  • ŸCast or sintered material from aluminum-nickel-cobalt.
  • ŸOperating temperature range: -270 degree up to +450 degree.
  • ŸLow resistance to demagnetizing.
  • ŸWorked with diamond or Carborundum.


  • ŸMagnetic tape is highly suitable for closing refrigerators, doors, windows, cabins, etc.
  • ŸŸFlexible magnet foil is used for many application, such as in car advertising or on warehouse racks labels.
  • In a ‘C” profile, this product is perfect for affixing labels.
  • ŸMagnetic tape is available in various colors and types; also in self-adhesive form.
  • ŸThe material can be written on and can be easily cut to size.
  • ŸWe do supplies magnetic tapes in rolls & strips.
  • ŸA logo or text can be printed on all products.
  • ŸYou can have magnetic foil inscribed, printed, stamped or cut to your own size.


We also supply custom magnets in many shapes, sizes, and grades of magnet.ŸŸ Please send us an email of the magnet you are looking for. We will be happy to provide pricing for you. If you need a shape that is difficult to describe, kindly email us a drawing or simple sketch of the magnet shape that you require. If there are any problems, we will let you know via email. Please note that there is a minimum order quantity required per shape for custom magnets.


  1. Ball Magnet (Spherical or ball shaped)
  2. Ring Magnet ( Discs or cylinders with hole)
  3. Mounting Magnets(Powerful magnets for attraction to a steel surface, plus the utility of attachment with a screw, hook or other threaded feature.)
  4. Countersunk Magnet